No company is perfect, neither are we but we do strive to improve our sustainability year upon year. And we are happy to realise that we are doing more than we realise ourselves. Here are some of our different sustainability efforts across the cities we operate in.


  • The roof of our Amsterdam headquarters is covered by 4,500 m2 of solar panels
  • And the car park at headquarters has over 20 charging stations
  • The headphones which visitors return to us are refurbished through refitting by JC Zaandstad inmates at their social workshop
  • Three quarters of passenger vessels are electric
  • There are no plastic cups or straws used in the Icebar
  • All buses meet either Euro 6 or EEV criteria


  • We cover approx. 25% of our annual electricity consumption with energy produced by the solar panels on the roof of our bus carport
  • In the office, buses and Icebar waste is separated and materials like glass and paper are recycled, plastic cups and straws are not used
  • 80% of our bus fleet meets Euro 6 criteria and highest efficiency standards
  • We provide space on our premises to 20 bee colonies and get honey in return
  • Intensified promotion and usage of digital tools such as the city sightseeing app to reduce use of paper for example for the printing of city maps


  • All our buses meet Euro 6 criteria which is the highest possible EURO norm
  • Our oil waste is handled securely and recycled
  • All our trash is recycled
  • We only print on FSC paper


  • Our boat captains and bus drivers are trained in eco driving, which results in reduced emissions and fuel consumption
  • Our buses are equipped with exhaust treatment system and Euro 6 engines
  • We recycle old marketing material (maps, brochures)